New vision CMS

If you are looking for something bigger - you have found what you need! The highest performance with not the smallest functionality. Small code size, high stability and security. It's all Plasm!.. Each of your projects deserves to be faster and better than others!

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Innovative solutions for build new vision

The most advanced content management system for website building. Ease of operation is higher than that of Wordpress, flexibility is more than that of MODix, speed is like a rocket.

  • - Powerfull cache system with support Memcached
  • - Self PlasmORM with MySQL, SQlite, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Flat-File (powerfull DB based on JSON format with sessions) and AWS DynamoDB
  • - Posts, Categories, Tags, Pages, and Custom taxonomy
  • - Comments with modearation
  • - TWIG-like templates with powerfull extends. Simple convert from any HTML5 templates (Bootstarp, Sceleton, W3, etc...)
  • - Smart Installer for noobs. Autoinstall with Flat-File mode
  • - Local and Remote back-up and restore
  • - Editors: Summernote, HTML5, Bootstrap Editor. Support install custom editors (CKEditor, TinyMCE, etc..)
  • - API with full site access. Make posts, install and update themes and plugins via API. Full access for external controls. Convenient for building large networks of sites (like PBN, drop-sites, doorways, etc...)
  • - Powerfull customize routes. Human-readable links, classic links, date links, taxonomy links, etc...
  • - Support menus, widgets (Search, Lists, Galleries, HTML code, Ads, Calendar, Facebook comments etc...)
  • - XML-RPC system, Sitemap generator, Atom/RSS reader and writer
  • - Support parsers for grabbing content
  • - Crossposting with support Telegram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
  • - Multilanguage support with multibytes and RTL
  • - XSS protect, CORS sucurity, SESSION control with database managed, OAuth2
  • - PHPMailer built-in and self SMTP SSL/TLS
  • - Avatar generator (Circle and Gravatar-like)
  • - Splash and Image-title generator with customize styles
  • - Traffic Distribution System (TDS) based on STDS project with advanced bot protect
  • - Internal Image processor, optimizer and filters core
  • - On-the-Fly JS/CSS compressor with UNCSS operations
  • - Basket / Shopping cart for commercial
  • - Google services API

  • and....

  • 2.7 Mb size

Extremely high performance

975 req/s
322 req/s
82 req/s
24 req/s






All tests were conducted using the Apache benchmark on the same dedicated server, with the same server software settings. All CMS had basic optimization and performance settings. Testing was done with 1,000 posts per CMS, with themes and all available widgets installed. Server parameters: 2 cores 2.2 GHz each, 2 GB of RAM, 20 GB hard disk, CentOS operating system, server set - NGINX + PHP-FPM.

  • – Plasm
  • – MODx
  • – Wordpress
  • – Bitrix